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Cracking the problem of flaws in engineering components



Cracking the problem of flaws in engineering components

Digital Tech with Theta Technologies

Type of member: Incubation
21st Jun, 2019

Unique technology by Theta Technologies detects flaws in engineering components enabling an early warning of material degradation to such a detailed level, it is unmatched by any other forms of testing. The ultrasonic technology was developed by Dr Peter Armitage during his PhD at the University of Exeter.

Based at Exeter Science Park, Theta Technologies has utilised academic research, facilities and recruitment opportunities to develop and bring to market its patented engineering solution.

Engineered success
Theta develops and implements techniques for identifying and classifying the level of defect in components earlier than any other available technology. This is particularly important for high-value or safety critical components such as those used in aerospace or defence applications, or where the reliability of parts is paramount.

The Exeter firm identifies degradation for a range of engineering parts used on aircraft, cars, nuclear plants, buildings, submarines and oil rigs, etc. Chairman Iain Fairbairn, said: “We work closely with customers to develop a bespoke solution that fits their needs.

“We spent a great deal of time focusing on developing the quality of the products, before we looked to commercialise the technology and now are in an exciting place. Connections with the University has helped push our development forward, providing access to machines for testing, as well as securing contacts to support the business goals.”

Flawless future
Iain Fairbairn was highlighted as one of the ‘top 50 entrepreneurs’ by SETsquared in an event held in the House of Commons. Iain was selected from a list of over 1,000, by SETsquared, a partnership between the universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey that supports high-tech start-ups.

Eight other Exeter-based tech firms were also highlighted in the ‘top 50 entrepreneurs’ showcasing the city’s blooming tech sector. Joe Pearce, Head of Business Support at SETsquared’s centre in Exeter, said:

“Theta Technologies has been a long-standing resident at the Innovation Centre and SETsquared has provided a range of support, including mentoring, networking and placements.

“The technology sector in Exeter is truly diverse and Theta Technologies is yet another example of its diversity; an engineering focused firm that utilises technology to safeguard the operational ability of key components in sectors from aviation to energy.”


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