Creating a cloud-based anti-counterfeiting platform

Custodian solutions counter-attack counterfeit crimes



Custodian solutions counter-attack counterfeit crimes

Creating a cloud-based anti-counterfeiting platform

Type of member: Incubation
21st Jun, 2019

Custodian Solutions is an award-winning software company which has created a cloud-based, anti-counterfeiting platform with advanced brand protection. The technology is used to investigate and gather evidence to litigate fraudsters, solving intractable anti-counterfeiting and brand protection problems.   

Counterfeit products are estimated to cost the nation at least £1.3 billion per year in lost profits and taxes which can have a damaging effect on businesses. Consumers are also at risk and medicine in particular is a real concern; there are more than 170,000 deaths each year due to counterfeit medicine.

Providing solutions

Custodian Solutions provides customisable dashboards for large enterprises to manage essential areas, including investigation, evidence, campaigns and law. Each dashboard displays actionable data that is easily accessible but highly secure. The technology identifies products and customers who are at risk.  

Using investigative techniques, data analysis and technological solutions, the team deliver effectiveness, strategic value and return on investment.

Global success

Custodian Solutions have been highly commended in the past, acquiring the Exeter Business Award for Digital Business of the Year and the Exeter Living Award for Technology and Innovation in 2017. In 2016, the start-up won the first ever Global Anti-Counterfeiting Technology of the Year Award. These awards recognise the creativity and innovation of companies who specialise in STEM related projects.  

Joel Stobart, Chief Technology Officer at Custodian Solutions said: “Naturally, we are honoured to receive such acclaim! This just goes to show that companies are beginning to realise how important brand management is. In the future, we are hoping to work with Trading Standards to further protect consumers from counterfeit crime”.

Exeter’s business support

The SETsquared Exeter, Business Support team provides practical support for companies like Custodian Solutions to progress.  

Joe Pearce, Head of Business Support at Exeter’s SETsquared centre, said: “Custodian Solutions have tapped into a niche market that’s growing in demand. Their work benefits not only businesses but the general public as well”.  

According to Tech Nation 2017, 98% of local start-ups say that their quality of life in Exeter is good. Joel Stobart continued: “Exeter provides an ideal work-life balance. STEM businesses thrive here. I strive to create a positive working environment but I leave the rest to Exeter. For me, there’s nothing better than walking home from work alongside the river”.


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