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Energy saving incubation success

Reducing energy costs with Minibems


Reducing energy costs with Minibems

Energy saving incubation success

Type of member: Incubation
21st Jun, 2019

Minibems are an incubation success story having recruited talented students, met new prospects, developed test facilities with researchers and successfully raised funding.

The Exeter-based SME provides an efficient, intelligent heating system to complex buildings which dramatically reduces energy costs, improves resident services and shortens repair times.

In order to develop their product, Minibems needed to test their system in a suitable environment. SETsquared Exeter identified a suitable location on the University of Exeter's Streatham Campus, with degree apprentices helping to fit out the space.

Minibems have also benefited from presenting at a SETsquared showcase, representatives from EDF approached the company and have since provided office space and valuable advice.

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