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Waste services disruptor Binit, launches customer-centric app


Waste services disruptor Binit, launches customer-centric app

Waste Services Disruptor

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18th Jun, 2019

In line with their promise to keep the customer at the very centre of services, Exeter born business recycling and rubbish start-up Binit have launched an app. The Binit app, one of the very first in the UK’s recycling and waste sector, was launched in April 2019 and is designed to make it even easier for customers to sort their day to day recycling and rubbish needs.

Launched in response to making the link between overflowing bins, littered streets and the plastic that ends up in our oceans, Binit’s philosophy has always been to put the customer at the heart of services. Founder and CEO Philippa Roberts was certain that inflexible, inconvenient waste collections, were not only creating problems for businesses themselves, but for the environment too. She set out to rethink how waste services are shaped.

Philippa and her team initially spent several months speaking with Exeter businesses about their day to day needs and issues. Businesses told them that they simply wanted flexible, reliable and hassle-free collections. Being able to waste less and recycle more, was another ambition. This feedback shaped the Binit service.

Philippa Roberts, CEO and co-founder, Binit said:

“There are two essential things that go into creating a brilliant recycling and rubbish service. One is listening to the specific day to day needs of customers. The other is data; bin intelligence, that tells us what is going into bins and when. Put those two things together and we can deliver the responsive, flexible service our customers tell us they want. That’s what the app is designed to do!”

The Binit app will help customers sort their recycling and rubbish even more easily than before. Users of the app will be able to request a recycling or rubbish collection, order bin bags, report a problem and record bin fullness – key information in shaping the responsive, customer-centric service that Binit is built on.

Joe Pearce, Head of Business Support at SETsquared Exeter added:

“SETsquared Exeter’s dedicated business incubation and acceleration support services are aimed at start-ups just like Binit – ones with great ideas, the drive to innovate and the ability to really make a difference both within the city and beyond. Their app is the next stage on their journey to deliver data driven recycling and rubbish services in the city. We’re looking forward to watching and helping their continued evolution”.

Binit was made in Exeter. Partnerships with the City Council and BID, and early and ongoing support from SETsquared Exeter and the RSA have been invaluable to the start up. Helping Binit shape and grow their services so that now they are Exeter wide.

Philippa Roberts concluded:

“From Deliveroo to Uber, we are all looking for ways to make our daily lives simpler and more efficient. That’s what the Binit app will do for our customers. And by providing a super responsive service, we’re helping keep litter off our streets and out of our oceans too!”

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