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Demo Lounge

Float your idea to our friendly regional business community and get instant expert feedback!

Date: Thursday 24th of September 2020
Time: 14:30 to 16:00
Venue: Online


Please register your interest for the next edition of SETsquared Exeter's Demo Lounge.


Do you have a business idea that you have not had time to develop until now?

Float your idea to your regional business community in 5 minutes and see where the feedback leads.

Advice? Support? Collaborators? Early stage investors? Let’s get that idea snowballing!

The University of Exeter’s Student Startups team and SETsquared Exeter have teamed up again to host Demo Lounge.

Demo Lounge is an online event series where anyone from the regional business community can apply to present their scalable or IP driven idea to our friendly panel of experts in 5 minutes for advice, expertise and feedback/discussion with the audience.

At each Demo Lounge session we hear from a select group of individuals with early stage business ideas, our panel of experts lead on feedback, with audience tips and suggestions.

Want to develop further insight into your regional business community and hear from the latest early stage startups? Register to be part of the audience. Your professional, helpful feedback and suggestions are valued.

How does it work?

1. Register online (either to watch or present)

2. Join our Zoom call

3. Either listen to early stage ideas or tell us about your business idea in under 5 minutes.

4. Listen to friendly expert feedback

5. Engage with your community

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