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Technology Skills Workshop: Understanding 3d Printing Methods and Materials

Date: Tuesday 18th of May 2021
Time: 09:00 to 11:00
Venue: Online


Join us for another technology skills workshops delivered by SETsquared Exeter, providing a close look at the qualities, capabilities and limitations of different 3d printing methods and materials.

This event is designed for anyone who wants to explore what is possible with 3d printing and how to start utilising the technology.

We will look at the skills, resources and processes required to create 3d printed objects. What software and hardware is available, the materials that can be used and what the finished products can be used for.

Included will be a practical demonstration by the SETsquared Exeter Technology Manager, who will look at the design considerations of different methods, the use cases of 3d printing and showcase some of the finished printed materials.

This seminar will give you the understanding needed to evaluate how you might get started on your own 3d manufacturing journey.

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