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TEL Skills Workshop: CAD/CAM Pre-fabrication testing and visualisation

Date: Tuesday 16th of March 2021
Time: 09:00 to 12:00
Venue: Online


CAD/CAM pre-fabrication testing and visualisation

Join us for another technology skills workshops delivered by a leading industry software vendor, providing a close look at computer aided design and manufacturing functionality.

This workshop is aimed at those who are interested in using the latest CAD/CAM software technology to take advantage of the benefits of pre-fabrication testing and visualisation.

We will look at the skills, resources and processes required to produce accurate simulations and how tools like Solidworks' Visualize Solution can help to validate and showcase concepts as well as increase efficiencies in the manufacturing process.

We will also be joined by Steven Senior, the Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence, who will be providing oversight as to why these tools are so important to the development process.

This workshop will give you the understanding needed to evaluate how best to plan your own development journey.

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