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Spaces for students growing their business

Once you have graduated from University and completed our start-up programme, you are a fully-fledged business founder! But you can still use the many facilities we have open to students exploring their businesses at Exeter.

The Deck

Recent graduates who stay in Exeter to develop their business can continue to access The Deck for a year after graduation.

The Deck, Centre for Entrepreneurship, is a fantastic open-plan space, equipped with the latest technology to support workshops and events. You can find desk space to work away on your big idea, meet like-minded people to discuss your start-up challenges or just come in to relax.

Graduate Entrepreneurs’ Maintenance Fund (GEM) Fund

We also have the GEM Fund that can provide funding to help recent graduates with living expenses while you grow your business.

For more information on how we can help with space and support please see our pages for founders looking to grow their business.

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