Business growth support for University Researchers

Royal Society Entrepreneurs in Residence

These Royal Society Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiRs) have all the same skills as the Entrepreneurs in Residence available at other stages of your business journey. They key difference is these are funded by the Royal Society and work in specialist areas.

We currently have three Royal Society EiRs specialising in Living Systems, Biosciences and Engineering. They can work with you to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls of starting a business and can provide strategic advice and direction tailored to your business needs.


Our members have the opportunity to partner with experienced and seasoned professionals in a mentor capacity. Our mentors provide external expertise and a sounding board for business critical decisions.

A mentor is available to you for six months and is often a frontrunner to developing a former board within the company. You can access up to a day a month of their support across phone calls emails and meetings. If you want to continue the relationship after six months you can negotiate this with your mentor. 

Associates list

We work with people with specialism in different sectors (University of Exeter staff access only) who we can access via a competitive process to help with the development and commercialisation of your research.