Meet the founder: Senseful AI

Meet the founder: Senseful AI

Who are you?
I am a Lecturer at the University of Exeter whose research centres on identifying and reconstructing conceptual systems through semantic text analysis. 

What is your venture? 
We are building an intelligent search engine that goes beyond keywords and unlocks people’s rich linguistic and conceptual knowledge to help them find information by searching for concepts and by relations between concepts. Built on proven, hybrid artificial intelligence technologies, Senseful AI empowers users to search text in terms of categories and relations that are familiar to them as language speakers – making search more efficient, more productive, and more rewarding. 

Why did you start this journey? 

I am committed to impactful research that reaches beyond the ivory tower to directly change people’s lives for the better. I designed Senseful AI out of a research need: to be able to search texts in terms of the concepts and conceptual relationships that appear there. But existing search technologies work only through literal keyword matching; on the basis of limited, domain-specific ontologies; or with a narrow definition of semantics. As it turns out, Senseful AI can deliver a powerful general ‘semantic search’ solution that I believe will help improve search outcomes with textual data of all kinds – whether in health care, law, finance, or any other field. 


What is your vision?  

I believe that people’s search experiences — at work, at school, at home, and everywhere in-between — should be empowering, and that the tools they use should help rather than hinder them in finding what’s relevant to them. 

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