Meet the IKEEP Team

The SETsquared IKEEP programme, led by SETsquared Exeter, provides businesses with fresh perspectives and skills, by matching businesses with teams of proactive students to tackle innovative project briefs through two-week (full-time) placements. These knowledge exchange opportunities enable regional businesses to develop and grow, while honing the talent of future graduates. For more details email the IKEEP team at 

Meet the IKEEP Team

Korneel Verhaeghe - Project Manager

Korneel started working at the University of Exeter in 2016, having previously gained experience in business development and account management. He currently is the Project Manager for IKEEP (Intrapreneurial Knowledge Exchange Enterprise Pathway), an 'Office for Students'-funded project, training students in intrapreneurship and linking them to business-facing projects. 

Korneel graduated in 2009 with an MSc International Management at HUB Brussels, after spending his final year as an exchange student at the University of Exeter. His academic and professional interests revolve around entrepreneurship and innovation, with a particular focus on emerging markets. 

Meet the IKEEP Team

Anna Dickinson - Project Officer

As the IKEEP project officer, Anna recruits and matches local and international businesses with teams of students trained in intrapreneurship, to work together sharing their diverse skills and fresh perspectives through 4 week project placements.

Anna joined the IKEEP team after several years’ experience in HE, most recently in the University of Exeter’s Business School, as Education Support Advisor for PGT programmes. Anna is passionate about making a real impact for both students and businesses, building partnerships and creating value through knowledge exchange.

Meet the IKEEP Team

Mark Allinson - Reporting and Finance Officer

As the Finance and Reporting Officer on the Exeter team leading the IKEEP Programme, I am responsible for ensuring that the processes used work for all four partner universities and their students.  Finding the balance between a light touch and structure while collecting data that we need to manage, report and promote the IKEEP Programme is a real challenge.

I am engineer at heart, with 30 years in Business Analysis and IT, and I enjoy developing new processes and systems.  The most rewarding aspect of working on the IKEEP Programme is seeing students gain real world work experience that also benefits local organisations.