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Meet the Student Start-up Team

Meet our Student Startup Team and find out about their background and expertise. For all queries please contact

Meet the Student Start-up Team

Emily Davies - Student Start-up Manager

Emily designs and delivers programmes to foster an entrepreneurial culture: broadening access to entrepreneurial education and skills development and nurturing and developing student and graduate start-up businesses.

She has also been creating and developing connections between the University and the wider start-up community in and around Exeter to showcase the networks and opportunities available in the Southwest and to further enrich the support and advice available to students.

Emily has a broad range of experience across a range of different sectors. She is also an independent music artist and live events producer.

Meet the Student Start-up Team

Katie Hawker - Student Start-up Officer (Creative Economy)

Katie has an MA in Arts Management and a BA in Fine Art. She has worked for a variety of local, national and international arts organisations and is the Founder/Director of Surface Arts; a connective organisation that produces residencies and innovative projects.

Through Surface Arts she has successfully managed many projects in the UK and South East Asia with a focus on Thailand where she lived and worked for seven years, setting up an International Residency Program and many other creative projects.

Meet the Student Start-up Team

Silvia Paloschi - Student Start-up Officer (Exeter)

After a long stint in Content Marketing and Language localisation consulting, Silvia has recently started working for Google as a Google Digital Garage Trainer for the South West of England.

Prior to this Silvia worked as a digital trainer for Cosmic and gained substantial experience across a wide range of roles within various industries, including fashion, translation, education, market research and digital marketing. She is our resident expert on all things digital - providing valuable insight and training in creating and implementing Businesses digital presence, strategic integrated communications and social media marketing campaigns.

Meet the Student Start-up Team

David Walker - Student Start-up Officer (Penryn)

David is based on our Penryn campus and is a startup entrepreneur with a passion for clever and simple design which improves user experience. David started Paddlelogger, a mobile platform for enhancing user experience on the water, whilst studying a BSc in Geography.

Paddlelogger started life as a simple route tracker and has now grown to reach a global audienc. Following the success of the brand, David was asked to be an ambassador for Invest in Cornwall, within the SpaceTech sector where he has enjoyed being able to promote the South west as a fantastic digital landscape for startups.