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Focus on Role Mapper

Focus on Role Mapper

Role Mapper, a platform to design and manage inclusive jobs that unlock talent and diversity, is headed up by Sara Hill who believes that driving systemic change with inclusion at its core is achieved through intelligent inclusive job design. Sara explained that “Driving change, improving diversity and operationalising flexible working doesn’t simply happen at the job description or recruitment stage, it’s a transformational process that has to happen from the top down. 
The RoleMapper platform is designed to support and drive this systemic change.”

Meet our members

Organisation Website About
Alethium Limited alethium.io Alethium is a supply chain services company for the health & wellness industry. Company House: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/14540941
ARC Marine www.arcmarine.co.uk Eco engineering
AuthentiSci www.authentisci.com
Binit Group Limited UK http://www.binituk.com We exist to provide brilliant rubbish and recycling services to businesses. Putting the needs of each business, together with those of the planet, up front.
Businessable https://understandthenhs.co. uk/ Impact reporting and data analytics for business accelerator programmes.
CareAccess https://www.careaccess.co.uk/ Care Access is an award-winning digital care assessment, planning and recommendation prototype, that aims to revolutionise the way in which the care system works, transforming the bottom-up approach of paid and informal care into a preventative, cost-saving and sustainable model.
CareerChat (UK) Ltd https://careerchat.uk/ Careers chatbot, powered by AI and machine learning, supplemented with career exploration resources and support.
Cineon Training Limited https://cineon.training/ We are an evidenced-based training company that designs and builds software-based learning environments predominately in Virtual Reality. We specialise in the use of eye-tracking
Codes to Share Ltd https://vouchershares.co.uk/vouchers/
Configo Software Ltd https://configo.com/ Development of configuration management products (SAAS).
Cover Drive Cricket https://coverdrive.cricket Cover Drive Cricket is creating intelligent virtual experiences to provide grass-roots cricketers with accessible high-quality cricket batting practice and targeted areas for improvement. Using the latest virtual reality (VR) technology and statistical and machine learning data models, Cover Drive Cricket creates immersive and accurate physics-based batting scenarios that challenge cricketers and encourage them to better themselves, providing more cost-effective opportunities for practice than in real-world cricketing facilities.
Crop Kestrel Www.cropkestrel.co.uk Crop kestrel provides services to improve the understanding of crops, to help improve the environment, improve fertiliser usage and efficiency.
Disigi Ltd www.disigi.com Disigi provides AI-online tools to aid consumer decision making on retail platforms. Using cutting-edge comparison analytics these tools provide detailed information on consumer preference to enable targeted incentivisation and increased conversion rates.
Earthly Biochar Ltd www.earthlybiochar.com Developing novel biochar-based products for construction and agriculture industries.
Encortec Limited - Whole system research-based approach to integrated, energy harvesting powered wireless sensor systems.
Evexia Health International (MyDay) www.my-dayapp.com MyDay, a unique B2B platform, streamlines HR technology by brining together employees wellbeing, kudos, volunteering and benefits whilst supporting organsations net zero strategy in one app.
FloInsights Limited www.floinsights.com Flow management solutions for Pharmaceutical companies, Medical Device Manufacturers and Hospitals
Freyda https://www.freyda.io/ Freyda facilitates the automation of many time consuming, repetitive data entry and retrieval tasks using state-of-the-art technology that scales with your business.
Good With https://www.goodwith.co/ Financial education platform
HomeHealth Ltd https://homehealth.digital/ Platform that allows GPs to outsource community visits to a network of health professionals
Inov8ive (Geoshot AI) https://www.inov8ive.co.uk/ IoT enabler for firearms including Autonomous Actions, Analytics, AI, and future SAAS applications in Logistics and Training.
Intelligent AI (Agile Datum) http://www.inteligentai.co.uk Developing and delivering AI, Chatbot and Data Visualisation solutions to accelerate Commercial Insurance and Local Governmen
Kurb Carbon Ltd https://www.carbonfingerprint.io/ Carbon Footprinting Tool, Companies House: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/14354756
Kyne: Assistive Technology Ltd https://www.kyne.org.uk/ Pre-emptive assistive technology for literacy learning
Littlehill Industries Ltd - Advanced Digital Police Forensic investigational systems and machines.
Mama Health UK (Mumie) http://www.mumie.health Health tech startup focusing on postnatal health
New Motion Labs Ltd. https://newmotionlabs.com New Motion Labs builds, develops and licenses mechanical technologies that are fundamental to mobility and automation.The technologies developed at New Motion Labs are those which enable new possibiNew Motion Labs are Mechanical Engineering laboratory which develops, proves and then licenses disruptive technologies to OEM's and manufacturers enabling them to produce the next generation of more efficient, longer-lasting and lightweight products.
Online Funerals Limited (Blue Sky Funerals) https://www.blueskyfunerals.co.uk/ A disruptive self-service digital solution that allows people to plan and purchase a funeral with complete transparency.
Ooooby http://www.ooooby.com Our mission is to put local small-scale sustainable farming back at the heart of the food system we all depend on. We’re bringing the farmers market to you. Our vision is to make shopping for local and organic food easier than going to the supermarket so that small scale farmers can share in the online food delivery revolution.
Our Rainwater www.ourrainwater.com Our Rainwater is an 'easy sign up' web based platform to encourage the widespread adoption of rainwater management systems
Overgang Limited (Probate Tree) - Software Platform providing self-service legal support, advice and guidance through the Probate process
Park Analytics -
Pen Med Tech - Peninsula Medical Technologies
PLUSED Ltd https://tomjohnsonlifestyle.co.uk/ Wellbeing solution for primary schools
Prometheus Health Technologies Ltd www.prometheushealth.ai Patient centred health technology company providing real world data for the pharmaceutical industry
Quest Genetics https://www.quest-genetics.com Biotech: drug-target screening platform
Radiance Name TBC (Peter Clutton Brock) www.radiance.international
Remit Zero (Previously Low Carbon Estates) www.remitzero.co.uk We help organisations and suppliers deliver against their carbon reduction commitments and sustainability objectives. We help them understand their property portfolios and in doing so move to a low carbon future. We aim to do this without compromising on design or functional performance.
Role Mapper https://www.brightworksconsultancy.com/ An online job design tool to help design and scale best practice, consistent, flexible and inclusive job profiles, job descriptions and job adverts across your organisation
Safe Space One https://safespaceone.com Developing the world’s first online platform for professional therapy and counselling service delivery for groups
Senseful AI www.epexegetical.ai Our software-as-a-service business offers sophisticated 'semantic' text search tools backed by intelligent ‘hybrid’ machine-learning and linguistic-conceptual models to data providers
Shwap (Owni) https://www.shwap.uk Fashion tech company that creates SaaS solutions for brands and consumers in the second hand economy.
STAXY www.staxy.live Ltd
Synapse Health - Medical Database development for medical research
Talent Intelligence https://talentintel.tech Collecting and providing data revealing people's values, skills, aptitudes and motivations, and their perceptions of employers, in order to be able to help companies improve employee experience and to help individuals find employers that match their values.
The Really Good Milk Company Ltd -
Tribol -
Vizopay https://www.vizopay.com/ Digital platform that combats climate change through payments.
Wiley Nutrition Limited https://www.wiley-nutrition.com/ https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/12595005
Work Tripp http://worktripp.com/ A digital marketplace for companies to book high-impact team offsites, accessing quality-vetted venues, experiences, coaching, learning and development into one place to aid employee retention and improve productivity.