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Exeter and Bath graduates drive UK green revolution with launch of first student carpooling platform

Exeter and Bath graduates drive UK green revolution with launch of first student carpooling platform

Two recent graduates from the University of Exeter have partnered up with a graduate from the University of Bath to launch STAXY, the first student-exclusive ridesharing app which aims to save students money whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

James Campion (BSc Economics and Politics, Exeter), William Hughes (BSc Chemistry with Management, Bath) and William Line (BSc Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Exeter) were inspired to create a green car-share solution, having experienced problems with student transport first-hand. From waiting for unreliable buses, paying excessive amounts to travel home via trains and even booking expensive taxis to local venues, the graduates identified a need for a car-sharing option in the student community.

They also realised that there were many students making similar journeys to common destinations by car, often as the sole passenger or with several spare seats, resulting in high petrol costs and a large carbon footprint.

With support from the Exeter Student Startups team and SETsquared Exeter, the three graduates created STAXY, a free app which allows student car owners to post journeys that they are making and students with a common destination to join as a passenger and pay using Apple or Google Pay.

Beyond the student-exclusivity feature of STAXY which provides users with an initial layer of safety when car-sharing, a range of additional safety features have been implemented on the app, including a driver rating system, and the ability to create private groups where only members of that group can post and join journeys.

Sustainability is one of the founding principles of STAXY, with the wider aim to promote a more sharing-based economy and to reduce single-occupancy travel rates across the country. Longer-term they plan to help offset the emissions of journeys completed on the app so that every user that uses STAXY is carbon neutral when they travel.

Co-founder James said:

“STAXY aims to initiate the UK’s move to a more sustainable form of transport, whilst offering students a safer and cheaper way to get from A to B”.

“As former students we understand the difficulty and high cost of travel whilst at university, and with the help of the Student Startups programme we have been able to develop our idea that will hopefully improve student’s lives for the better.”

James, William and William received funding to launch the app through the Student Startups programme at the University of Exeter, and have recently enrolled in the SETsquared Exeter Foundations programme.

The STAXY app launched officially at the start of this university year and already has over 450 users on the platform. You can download it for free on iOS here and Android here.


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