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Exeter business helps to tackle new era of event management

Exeter business helps to tackle new era of event management

The impact of the Covid-19 lockdown measures has caused severe disruption to many familiar aspects of everyday life. Much of the live entertainment industry has been on pause for more than three months following Government advice to challenge the spread of the virus. As lockdown measures gradually ease, Exeter business, Luminous are preparing to help businesses embark on a new era of event management.

Luminous Show Technology, who are members of SETsquared Exeter, usually focus on manufacturing spectacular special effects systems for live events and theatre. However, lockdown measures meant that they could not continue. Luminous expertly turned their hand to design and produce certified personal protective equipment to support the nationwide shortage. Having responded to increased demand, they have now expanded their offering to include a range of sanitising stations and general PPE items such as disposable face masks. They have even opened a dedicated PPE shop for their products.

Crucially for Luminous is their insight into the entertainment and hospitality sectors and the issues that providers will face as they begin to consider safely reopening. Luminous’ understanding that event spaces, theatres, arenas, and stadiums will be confronted by strict hygiene and social distancing measures alongside a dwindling budget has empowered them to produce high-quality, durable products at affordable prices.

Ed Samkin, Sales and Projects Director for Luminous explained: “It started as a call to arms from the UK government, requesting British manufacturers to step up and fill the void during the PPE shortage which has evolved far beyond our initial expectations. We found a curious parallel between entertainment and healthcare as within our usual business sector ‘the show must go on’, no matter what challenges are thrown in your way. It transpires this is exactly the same in the medical industry, for example we got a request from the RD&E NHS trust to produce 6000 bottles of sanitiser as quickly as possible and our team were able to fill, label, pack and deliver within 36 hours, which was 2 days earlier than expected.”

Dr Sally Basker, CEO of Exeter Science Park Ltd said: "Congratulations to Luminous! Its innovative and entrepreneurial DNA together with its can-do attitude shines through its response during COVID. Great to see an Exeter Science Park alumni responding in this way."

Luminous are keen to hear from businesses as they prepare to embark on a new era of event management. They can provide a comprehensive solution to health and safety requirements in line with Government guidelines. For general PPE supplies please visit: or for bespoke business enquiries contact their dedicated inbox,

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