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Students to help boost industry with launch of new programme

Students to help boost industry with launch of new programme

The SETsquared Partnership have announced the launch of a new initiative which aims to boost industry by enabling skilled students to take up industry placements and foster growth and development. The initative known as IKEEP is an Intrapreneurial Knowledge Exchange Enterprise Pathway.

IKEEP is a new £2million programme as part of the SETsquared Partnership (Global #1 Business Incubator) involving the universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter and Surrey, part funded by the Office for Students. The programme connects interdisciplinary and multi-institutional student teams with regional organisations to enable high quality knowledge exchange. The programme is designed for students (both undergraduates and postgraduates, from any discipline) to engage with industry on knowledge exchange projects as business advisors, developing business model solutions and market awareness whilst enhancing student’s skills as intrapreneurs/change makers and future employees. 

The SETsquared IKEEP programme, led by SETsquared Exeter, provides businesses with fresh perspectives and skills, by matching businesses with teams of proactive students to tackle innovative project briefs through two-week (full-time) placements. These knowledge exchange opportunities enable regional businesses to develop and grow, while honing the talent of future graduates. 

The newly formed SETsquared Exeter IKEEP team consist of IKEEP Project Manager Korneel Verhaeghe, IKEEP Project Officer, Amber Strong, and IKEEP Finance and Reporting Officer Mark Allinson. In compliance with covid-19 restrictions, training as part of the IKEEP programme will be online and project placements will be run remotely. 

Register your interest, put forward a project brief outline for a student placement team to tackle. 

If you have a question about the IKEEP programme, contact IKEEP Project Officer, Amber Strong at

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