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About SETsquared Exeter

Our spaces

Our spaces

The right space for your business

At SETsquared Exeter we provide a range of flexible space options to accommodate the changing needs of your business.

Virtual client service

The Innovation Centre on the University of Exeter campus can provide you with a registered address and a mail handling service. This can be useful if you are in the early stages of starting a business and your office or home address aren’t appropriate places to register your company.

Coworking spaces

Set up your ‘office’ at a hot desk in The Deck at the Innovation Centre – a purpose built space designed specifically for tech start-ups, entrepreneurs and fast-growth businesses who want to be part of the community without the commitment of full-time office space.


Hotdesks at the Science Park Centre at Exeter Science Park are available for SETsquard members.

Starter offices

The Innovation Centre on the University of Exeter Streatham Campus offers access to small starter offices that can accommodate three to five people

Starter offices at the Science Park Centre, at Exeter Science Park accommodate three to four people and are usually taken on the three year lease. Over the three years we would expect your business to develop and grow moving into larger spaces each year. The Science Park Centre also provides a central reception, meeting rooms, a café and conference suite.

Grow on space

Often at the end of a three year initial tenancy at the Science Park Centre, businesses are ready to graduate from our incubation space into larger officer in a grow on building at Exeter Science Park.

The Deck

The Deck, Centre for Entrepreneurship, is located in the Innovation Centre on the University of Exeter's Streatham Campus. Here, students and recent graduates can find desk space to work away on a big idea, meet like-minded people to discuss start-up challenges or just come in to relax.

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